Acrylic Wedding Invitations


Having an acrylic version of your wedding invitation is a great keepsake of your wedding. It's more durable than paper (of course!) and a lovely display for the home.

Absolue Suite. White ink on Clear Acrylic. Liham Calligraphy Style


We offer this as an upgrade to our design and print packages. Ordering just 1 piece is okay. We also do offer this in bulk quantities, especially if you want to give this piece for your entourage and VIP's.

Botannia Suite. White ink on Clear Acrylic

My favorite style is just white ink on clear acrylic. I feel it's the classiest way to highlight the clarity of the material.

We also offer white printing on mirrorized acrylic. Printing on mirrorized material has a minimum order quantity of 20pcs.

Heritage Suite. Mirrorized Rose Gold Acrylic

We also have standees for this, so you can display in your future home. And of couse, we can also print colored. However, background cannot be in full color.

Colored Acrylic Print with Standee

For this, the bride submitted their own design (layered file), I did minot edits to prep it for printing. Submitting your own design is okay too!

Alternatively, we also print on acetate. It comes out a little bit cheaper than acrylic, less bulky and less plastic is used.

We have bulk prices for 20 sets, 50 sets and more.

The acrylic upgrade is luxury, but if it's something that you think your guests will appreciate and cherish, it is definitely memorable to have.


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