COVID Reminders to Include


It truly is a unique time we live in, let alone not the ideal situation for planning events. With protocols uncertain and rules ever-changing, our invitation design and wording have also adapted acoordingly.

1. Separate the Reception Details to a smaller card

The main page usually has the longest lead time, as special printing techniques is applied on the names and decor. This usually takes about 2 or 3 weeks. The main card will include the date and the ceremony location, while the finer details such as the reception and time is on a separate smaller card, which can be printed on the last minute.

Possible wording for the main card:

  • Cocktails and Dinner reception immediately follows
  • Dinner reception to follow
  • Celebration continues at [Shangri-La at the Fort] 

Sometimes, couples are certain about the big venue but have yet to confirm the restaurant, event hall or ballroom within the venue. If that's the case, the big venue can already be printed on the main card.


Info card can include

  • Cocktails at 4PM | Dinner at 6PM
  • [XXX Restaurant] at [Shangri-La at the Fort] 

We try to make it special by including a location sketch. This way, even if the venue details is not on the main card, your guests will not miss it.


2. Vaccination

If you require guests to be vaccinated, you can include it in the RSVP details. Guests can either show a copy for when they confirm their attendance, or you can ask them to bring their card on the day itself. Some venues have different rules, so please make sure to check with your venue and coordinator.

  • All attending guests should be fully vaccinated
  • Kindly send confirmation with a copy of your vaccination card to XXX
  • Kindly bring your vaccination card to present prior to entering the venue


3. Pre-Event Testing

Some families request to organize a pre-event testing prior to entering the venue. This gives the couple and guests some peace of mind to enjoy the night. A simple heads up should be given to guests if you require this. Make sure to check with your venue and coordinator.

  • For everyone's safety, there will be a [antigen / swab test] for all guests prior to entering the church and reception


4. Attire

Generally, wearing masks and face shields need not be mentioned on the wedding invitation. This is an understood protocol.

However, you can mention if there are special requirements

  • Surgical grade masks (if you will not allow cloth masks)
  • Masks will be provided for the entourage for uniformity (this can be a separate card for the entourage, if you will be giving an attire guide)

Reminding guests to keep their masks on can be mentioned by the host during the event. Personally, I would like to keep these reminders to a minimum just so that the invitation doesn't get too wordy.


5. Wedding Signage

Given the added reminders and protocols, wedding signages now have more purpose than just a simple welcome. This way guests are guided on how the process will be and where to go.



Wedding planning is a unique process for each couple. With the ongoing pandemic, it could feel a little overwhelming or even dreary at times. Feel free to ask questions or ask for help. It is also new to us, but it's nothing that cannot be managed!


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